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(Pop, Soul, Funky, Blues) Sade - Полная коллекция хитов - 2013, MP3, 320 kbps

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--Sade - Полная коллекция хитов
Страна: UK
Жанр: Pop, Soul, Funky, Blues
Год выпуска: 2013
Формат: MP3
Битрейт аудио: 320 kbps
Продолжительность: 04:28::11


01. Cherry Pie
02. Frankie's First Affair
03. Hang On To Your Love
04. I Will Be Your Friend
05. Sally
06. Smooth Operator
07. When Am I Going To Make A Living
08. Why Can't We Live Together
09. Your Love Is King
10. Fear
11. Is It A Crime
12. Jezebel
13. Maureen
14. Mr. Wrong
15. Never As Good As The First Time
16. Tar Baby
17. The Sweetest Taboo
18. War Of The Hearts
19. Clean Heart
20. Give It Up
21. Haunt Me
22. I Never Thought I'd See The Day
23. Keep Looking
24. Love Is Stronger Than Pride
25. Nothing Can Come Between Us
26. Paradise
27. Siempre Hay Esperanza
28. Turn My Back On You
29. Bullet Proof Soul
30. Cherish The Day
31. Feel No Pain
32. I Couldn't Love You More
33. Kiss Of Life
34. Like A Tattoo
35. Mermaid
36. No Ordinary Love
37. Pearls
38. All About Our Love
39. By Your Side
40. Every Word
41. Flow
42. Immigrant
43. It's Only Love That Gets You Through
44. King Of Sorrow
45. Lovers Rock
46. Slave Song
47. Somebody Already Broke My Heart
48. The Sweetest Gift
49. Babyfather
50. Be That Easy
51. Bring Me Home
52. In Another Time
53. Long Hard Road
54. Morning Bird
55. Skin
56. Soldier Of Love
57. The Moon And The Sky
58. The Safest Place

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